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What happens if the UK leaves the EU?

After more than a year of promises, David Cameron has finally set a date for a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. After managing to make a deal with the 27 other states, Cameron will campaign for the UK to vote to stay on the 23rd of June. But what exactly does his ‘deal’ with the EU mean? What would happen if the British left? And is this the only threat to the EU? Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn – The left seizes power

Today Britain’s Labour party elected their most unapologetic and uncompromising left-wing leader in (at least) decades. Winning by a massive majority over his centrist opponents, Jeremy Corbyn is now the official opposition leader to David Cameron’s government. He may not actually be in power, but he will make a massive difference to British politics. So what does Corbyn stand for? What does his election say about British voters? And why does any of this matter? Continue reading

British election – Winners and Losers

The dust has settled and all the seats are decided, but the analysts are still recovering from their shock. Instead of the neck-and-neck result everyone (including me) had predicted, the UK ended up voting in a Conservative majority. David Cameron has already formed his cabinet, and will be able to lead without any help at from his former coalition partners. So who are this election’s winners and losers? It’s not just the parties themselves… Continue reading

UK Elections – Who’s going to win?

Tomorrow the United Kingdom goes to the polls, in one of the most unpredictable and important elections in decades. True, every election gets called that, but this time it’s actually true. With the smaller parties poised to make a big impact, outright victory for Labour or the Conservatives is unlikely – and the stakes will be high in any post election bargaining. Here’s you need to know about who’s in the running, why the UK itself at stake, and who will win. Continue reading

Scottish referendum – Heart over head?

In just one week’s time Scotland will vote in one of the most tense and important referendums of recent years. The Scottish will be deciding whether to stick with the centuries old United Kingdom or to go it alone as an independent nation. The referendum has fired up British politics, with all three main political leaders journeying to Scotland to raise support for the “No” campaign, while the Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond continues his “Yes” campaign for the world’s newest state. So what do the Scottish want? What will an independent Scotland look like? And will it live up to the bright promises of Alex Salmond? Continue reading