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Destruction in Syria to the missing man in the Kremlin

It’s been a chaotic week for me, with numerous meetings, parties, and now preparation for teaching Model United Nations and Public Speaking to high school students. I’m now a trainer for United Netherlands’s High School Program, so on Tuesday I’ll be in front of a class for the first time. This has all left very little time for Your World Explained. So today it’s again a few stories from around the world that interested me this week

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Who killed Boris Nemtsov?

Within sight of the Kremlin’s security cameras, a man was shot four times in the back on Friday night. The victim – Boris Nemtsov, an opposition politician who opposed Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The killers – no one knows, but we can take a guess. So who was Boris Nemtsov? And who ordered his murder?

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Peace in Ukraine – Better luck this time?

This morning Eastern Ukraine woke up to what is supposed to be the ceasefire that leads to peace. On Thursday night in Minsk, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande managed to bring Putin and Poroshenko to a deal to end the violence; a deal that the rebels also signed up to. With the agreement being that the guns would fall silent at midnight Saturday, the artillery pounded away until the last minute. This morning though, the quiet seems to have held so far, with only sporadic shelling. So what does this second Minsk deal agree to? What chance does it have of succeeding? And what will happen if it doesn’t? Continue reading

Rockets fall on Mariupol

Yesterday the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, at peace for months now, was ripped back into the war. Separatist rebels launched rockets directly at the city, taking its residents by complete surprise and killing 30 people. The attacks follow a month of intensified fighting, with the ruins of Donetsk Airport finally falling to the rebels, and dozens of civilians dying due to artillery. So why is what happened in Mariupol so important, and what does this say about the separatists? Where to from here? And on a more personal note, why do I care so much about Donetsk? Continue reading

Is the ‘mainstream media’ really that biased?

This week, Channel One in Russia released satellite photos which allegedly show a Ukrainian fighter jet shooting down MH17. While the photos were quickly shown to be fakes by various Russian commentators and bloggers, the pictures are still spread across the world as valid news. This illustrates an idea that I believe to be very wrong; the idea that all news sources are equally biased, and that we should take information from all of them equally. While it is a good idea not to get all your information from one source, Western media is still a far more trustworthy source than that of countries like Russia – and this is something that we should appreciate more. Continue reading