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Beautiful Game, Ugly FIFA

This week FIFA’s reputation for corruption became more than just a reputation, with 14 top officials indicted on charges of corruption. Their headquarters in Zurich were raided, and seven officials arrested there, soon to be extradited to the United States. Surprisingly┬áthe investigation has come from the US, a country famously not really that interested in football. The charges came just as controversial Sepp Blatter was once again re-elected to his position of President of FIFA, and have brought mixed reactions from different parts of the world. So how serious are the charges? What does it mean for the future of FIFA? And why are some countries still so supportive of Blatter? Continue reading


No post today

Due to a busy weekend and a wedding, there’s no new post today. I’ll be back Wednesday! Meanwhile, for everyone watching the World Cup, here’s a fantastic video by the comedian John Oliver on how truly awful and corrupt FIFA is. It’s not awful enough though to stop him or me watching the best sporting event on earth.