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Jeremy Corbyn – The left seizes power

Today Britain’s Labour party elected their most unapologetic and uncompromising left-wing leader in (at least) decades. Winning by a massive majority over his centrist opponents, Jeremy Corbyn is now the official opposition leader to David Cameron’s government. He may not actually be in power, but he will make a massive difference to British politics. So what does Corbyn stand for? What does his election say about British voters? And why does any of this matter? Continue reading


UK Elections – Who’s going to win?

Tomorrow the United Kingdom goes to the polls, in one of the most unpredictable and important elections in decades. True, every election gets called that, but this time it’s actually true. With the smaller parties poised to make a big impact, outright victory for Labour or the Conservatives is unlikely – and the stakes will be high in any post election bargaining. Here’s you need to know about who’s in the running, why the UK itself at stake, and who will win. Continue reading