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Why can’t Republicans talk about racism?

On Wednesday the US was hit by yet another mass shooting. Dylann Roof, who was only 21 years old, joined a prayer meeting in Emanuel Church in Charleston, before opening fire and killing nine people – all African American. The church is one of the oldest African American churches in the US, and has long been involved in the civil rights movement. The killer, driven by racism, apparently believed in segregation, had been photographed with the flags of apartheid era South Africa and Rhodesia, and shouted racist rhetoric and slurs during the shooting. The government isĀ treating the attack as a hate crime and as domestic terrorism. There aren’t many more clear-cut example of vicious racism ending in murder. Unless though, you’re a Republican candidate for President. Let’s see what they had to say:
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Who thinks they can run the United States?

With one and half years to go until the US presidential elections, it’s already time for candidates to start declaring themselves. That’s what happens when the most important job on earth is up for grabs. All candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties will first have to fight to secure their party’s nomination, before trying to convince the country as a whole. Like always, the campaign will feature obscene overspending (something I’d like to write aboutĀ sometime), and ridiculous over-analysis of every statement by the media. That’s actually something I don’t mind, as I’m a massive nerd for following the American elections. As we take a look at the main candidates at the early stage, you might get a glimpse at why this is the greatest show in politics.

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