The poorest country in the Middle East, Yemen has had a hard time since the revolution in 2011, as difference forces battle for control, and the United States continues its destructive drone war.

The Yemeni Revolution – Interview with an eyewitness (Mar. 16, 2014)
When I met an American woman who had lived in Yemen through the 2011 revolution, it was a great opportunity to get the inside story.

US drone strikes – Surgical warfare? (Apr. 23, 2014)
While the US portrays its drone war in Yemen as a less destructive, more surgical way of doing war, a closer look shows that it brings a terrible cost to the people living through it.

Who’s fighting who? The complex war in Yemen (Jan. 21, 2015)
The conflict in Yemen isn’t a simple matter of rebels vs. the government – not only because those rebels have now become the government. The situation is a whole lot more complex…


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