Israel and Palestine

Even before the latest war in Gaza, the Israel-Palestine conflict was a highly charged issue, not just in the Middle East. In Europe and even in my own study association, there is regular debate about the rights and wrongs of both sides. I’ve waded in numerous times, always trying to be as fair and as honest as I can.

The legacy of Ariel Sharon (Jan. 15, 2014)
After the death of one of the region’s most influential figures, I tried to understand how one man could be so loved and so hated.

Israel-Palestine peace talks – Yet another collapse (Apr. 27, 2014)
After peace talks ended in failure yet again, the two Palestinian factions finally managed to somewhat bury their differences. Just a few months later, the tension between the Palestinians and the Israelis would erupt.

Murder back and forth – Israel and Palestine (Jul. 2, 2014)
Two deeply personal crimes managed to spark one the most destructive war the Gaza Strip had seen in years.

5 myths about the Arab-Israeli conflict (Aug. 17, 2014)
Everyone seems to have an opinion on this conflict, and there’s a lot being said on both sides that simply isn’t true.

Is Israel really the worst country in the world? (Oct 30, 2014)
Looking back, this was an interesting post. I wrote it after a debate in my student association about whether or not to visit the Israeli Embassy in The Hague. While I strongly disagree with many of Israel’s actions, it seems that some are forgetting that it’s not the only country with human rights abuses.


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