About me

I’m André Harris: born in Australia, lived in Ukraine for 5 years, then in the Netherlands for 6. I feel like a world citizen, but according to 20th century nationalist Otto Bauer, this background makes me “generally little loved, the object of suspicion”. Fair enough. I finished high school in 2012 then took a gap year to pick fruit in Australia and backpack in South East Asia.

Now I’m back in the Netherlands, in my last year of International Studies at Leiden University’s campus in The Hague. This autumn and winter I’m also a delegate at United Netherlands, being trained in public speaking, negotiation and Model United Nations, and joining the United Netherlands delegation at MUNs in Oxford and Harvard. It’s probably the most intense but rewarding thing I’ve done at university.

I’ve followed the news all my life, and am interested in foreign policy and conflict between nations, basically the subject of this blog. After university I’m aiming to become a foreign correspondent in either the Middle East or Asia. Apart from the news, I love travel, reading, socialising, and having a pint.

You can connect with me on Twitter at @YW_Explained

goodbye in saigon cropped


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Kerrie Godbold

    Interested to read some of your blog, Andre. Some really helpful insights & thought-provoking perspectives. Thanks! A few ideas for further reflection after reading your ‘About me’ page … With the opportunities you’ve had to travel through many places and live in some, can you unpack what becoming a ‘world citizen’ means for you? What responsibilities, rights, roles and relationships does such ‘citizenship’ imply? What challenges and invitations do becoming both “correspondent” and “world citizen” present? Just some thoughts for further blogging, if you choose!

  2. noahsin

    Hi there. Glad I found your blog. Very interesting and informing. I write opinion pieces in reaction to news re int’l politics. Would be great if you can follow back. Thanks!

    1. andreinternational Post author

      Thanks Noah! Enjoying reading some of your posts, interesting to get a British perspective on world events, a change from the usual Washington-centric view.


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