Extra news: From WWII fallen to lies to refugees

With no real big news going on today, here are three stories and one amazing video that caught my eye this week.

Welcome to Cambodia

This week the first refugees were sent from Australian detention camps to Cambodia, under an agreement between the two countries. The deal has been heavily criticised (including on this blog) for sending asylum seekers to one of the world’s poorest and most corrupt countries. This BBC article demonstrates the lengths that the Australian government has gone to to convince the refugees to go.

The boy who burned inside

This well-written but harrowing article from the Boston Globe is the story of the toll years of abuse took on one boy, and the lengths he went to to prevent it happening again.

The Myth of A Mighty Germany

As Germany becomes more and more clearly the most influential country in Europe, it seems to some we’re entering a new era of German leadership. However, in many ways Germany is still a state reluctant to lead – or be seen leading.

The Fallen of World War II

This short video about the casualties of WWII is the perfect example of what you can do with data. The authors don’t only beautifully visualise the cost of the war, but put everything in context, helping you to understand exactly what you’re looking at. It ends on a positive note as well – the decreasing level of conflict since WWII.


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