Whale hunting to cracking jokes in the White House

This time of year it’s hard to find time to write, as I’m busy working my way towards deadlines, presentations, and my Arabic final, which counts for 100% of my grade. So today, some of this week’s most interesting stories.

Whaling in Lamalera is basically the opposite of this (Source: ACBPS)

Hunting whales with rowing boats and spears

The picture at the head of this article says it all really – a man flinging himself from a small boat at a 15 metre long whale, armed only with a bamboo spear. No matter what your feelings on whaling, after reading this incredibly visceral story you’ll be left with respect for these hunters.

Nepal’s lost heritage

Along with the huge loss of life, Nepal has suffered the loss of its history. Many of their national monuments have been destroyed by the earthquake – the second time this has happened in 100 years.

Why do we remember Gallipoli?

Yesterday it was 100 years since hundreds of thousands of British Empire and French troops began an eight month long campaign along the Turkish cliffs of Gallipoli. Beginning with disaster, ending with slipping away in the night, it doesn’t seem like a glorious battle. But for Australia and New Zealand – as well as Turkey – it’s become a defining moment in history.

Barack Obama does stand-up

If you’re at all interested in American politics, then the White House Correspondents Dinner is for you. It’s the one night the most powerful man in the world gets to loosen up, and Obama is damn good at it.

What it’s like to be terribly afraid of vomiting

Ok, this has nothing to do with news, and it’s not even from last week, but it’s part of an utterly bizarre series of “What’s it Like” articles by ‘Science of Us‘ I came across yesterday in New York Magazine. This is one of the least weird of these interviews with people who just aren’t quite like the rest of us


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