Why this blog?

So many people want to follow the news, but take one look at the front page of the BBC or CNN and are hit with a wall of headlines. What’s important?

Even when you choose a story you often read a list of facts with no context or anything to make it real. If you want in depth analysis, you’re punished with references to people and issues you’ve never even heard of.

That’s where this blog comes in. Each Wednesday and Sunday the what, who and why of the big stories of the week is explained, making it easy to quickly find out what the headlines you’ve been hearing actually mean. Within a few minutes you can be up to date on what’s been happening to your fellow human beings. If you want more information, click on a link to find out where I’m learning everything I know!

So click the subscribe button and check out “Your World Explained” every Wednesday and Sunday. Understand your world that bit better!


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